Academic and Life Coaching for College Students

Academic and Life Coaching

New college students juggle the demands of school, daily living skills, and academic work independently often for the first time.

Does your student need academic and life coaching at college?

With supports in high school, students prove that they have the skills necessary to succeed in college. However,  some students need additional coaching to be successful at a 4-year institution.  Away from home for the first time, they are required to navigate the social and academic landscape independently. Success depends on their ability to manage and use previously learned language and executive function skills in a new environment which is called “generalization.” Some have difficulty generalizing skills, others never adequately learned the skills needed and others have difficulty acquiring the skills. Regardless of why these skills are necessary for them to determine when to advocate for accommodations with professors, how to organize assignments, or even how to schedule the meal schedule with their class schedule. Students are responsible for their own well-being. College pragmatic executive skills coaching helps college students learn to apply and use their executive function and pragmatic skills in a new environment. 


Your Observations

You have dropped your child off at college, but not without concerns.  Will they play video games instead of going to class? Will they go to support services and request accommodations? Will they come out of their room long enough to find a friend? Will they get to class on time? Pass assignments in on time? Are they depressed? Overeating?  They don’t want mom and dad calling them to tell them to organize their work or suggesting clubs to join, but you know they may need that type of support. College pragmatic executive skills coaching helps students learn to manage their academic and social lives.

What is academic and life coaching for college students?

Academic and life coaching for college students helps students in 2-4-year institutions bridge the gap between underdeveloped executive function and pragmatic skills and academic abilities.  By identifying needs and engaging in a joint problem-solving process students can learn to implement solutions to achieve their goal, graduation with a 4-year degree.  With my background in speech-language pathology, I can help students identify their problems and practice using their strengths in real life situations.  Whether it’s role-playing what to ask the professor, organizing a calendar to stay up to date on work due, or brainstorming and setting goals to participate more fully in school, a coach helps college students use and improve their speech-language and executive function skills for academic success

Here are a few examples of colleges’ students I have coached attended:

  • Berklee College of Music
  • Clark University
  • NHTI Concord Community College
  • Lesley College
  • MIT
  • Brandeis University

This service is not billable to insurance. Comprehensive or hourly pricing is available.

*Accessed 10/3/17


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