While helping my daughter learn to read, I have explored the world of literacy in a much more personal way. Pre-reading activities such as reading together everyday, rhyming, story telling etc. have always been apart of our regular activities. I tried four different approaches to teach my daughter the sound system. First, we started with just basic memorizing, no tricks. The results were okay, but not memorable. The second approach included creating a deck of sound cards. She drew pictures of the key words that we decided on together to represent each sound. After making the deck of cards, we did drills with the deck. For each sound she got right, she had to jump on a mini trampoline. She wrote the sound in the air and provided the key word. My daughter loved this activity, and we both had some great laughs, not to mention we were able to put a little exercise into the mix. She loved jumping on the trampoline. I am beginning to explore her learning style. She loves to use her body, but is not totally a kinesthetic, visual, or auditory learner. What should I try next?