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10 Fruits in 60 seconds: The importance of categorization

“Quick, in 60 seconds name 10 items that go in the category, fruits.”

Facilitating Language Using Asperger Syndrome Special Interests

“I love video games and science, ” states the 11 year old with Asperger syndrome. A  characteristic of Asperger syndrome special interests can be used to facilitate language and provide career options.   Using special interests in speech-language therapy is a way to motivate clients to practice skills until mastered.



Creating Pictures from Words: “Along the road stood many spindly trees…” Visualization or mental images we create in our mind help us see and plan for our future, convey a story, and to comprehend.

I Am Not My Disability

When I see children or adults in my practice what I enjoy the most is building the therapeutic relationship with them. After testing gives me a general idea of their needs, I spend weeks and even months getting to know who they are as a person. It’s part of the therapeutic process, but the best […]

Why is my child with ASD still having difficulty with writing?

Recently I received an email about someone on the autism spectrum who had writing difficulties, even after receiving tutoring from Sylvan Learning Center and their schools learning disability center. Part of the reason Sylvan might not work for clients on the autism spectrum is because traditional writing interventions do not address the communication issues inherent […]

Stuttering, no …. problems with language formation

Client #1 talking about how to wash the dog “…..will just will just wash off not getting not getting not getting any dirt.  So put wat.. . so wash so wash water on it first then put soap on.” Stuttering, right?   This speech problem is actually the result of difficulty with language formulation, and […]

Speech therapy and motherhood

As a speech therapist, becoming a mom has been the second greatest learning experience of my career. Motherhood helped me understand, the far reaching impact of poor verbal expression and the role of speech therapy. It’s not just about whether you acquire vocabulary, but about learning to use language in a flexible way in order […]

Diagnosis vs Classification

Discussion at this month’s multidisciplinary salon focused on autism spectrum disorders (ASD). One topic we discussed was the diagnostic process and early detection.