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Why is my child with ASD still having difficulty with writing?

Recently I received an email about someone on the autism spectrum who had writing difficulties, even after receiving tutoring from Sylvan Learning Center and their schools learning disability center. Part of the reason Sylvan might not work for clients on the autism spectrum is because traditional writing interventions do not address the communication issues inherent […]

Speech therapy and motherhood

As a speech therapist, becoming a mom has been the second greatest learning experience of my career. Motherhood helped me understand, the far reaching impact of poor verbal expression and the role of speech therapy. It’s not just about whether you acquire vocabulary, but about learning to use language in a flexible way in order […]

A visit to the dentist

So what does the dentist have to do with language? I recently visited one of the dental schools in the area. As I was waiting in the reception area a dentist came out in his suit with his mask partially covering his nose and mouth. He rushed out to say to another patient, “I will […]

Schedule for this blog

I will post to this blog two times a month through June 2010. I’m always learning and discovering so this year I will share some of my observations and discoveries. I will write more about my specialty working with adolescent and adults. I especially like the intricacies of working with language-based disabilities, social language, accent […]