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Dyslexia: Should you tell them?

In the documentary called “Embracing Dyslexia,” a father asked the principal of his child’s school if he should tell his child that the child has dyslexia.  The principal says, “No!”

Whole language vs. phonetic based reading

Why are we trying to decide whether whole language or phonetic based reading instruction is the right kind of reading instruction. Kids should have both. The difference between the two forms of training is that whole language instruction means that reading instruction is done within the  context of  whole- language. Phonetic-based instruction, like Orton-Gillingham is reading […]

A plan to written success

Students with language-based disabilities often struggle with the acquisition of written language skills.

Reading words or learning to read? Part III

It is a fact that students with language-based learning disability require more intense structured instruction over a longer period of time in order to acquire many aspects of language.

Reading words or learning to read? Part II

I’ve been frustrated this year with the level of reading instruction my daughter has received. What did I notice about my daughter’s reading abilities? She skipped words she didn’t know, and she confused small words like “of” and “off.” When I asked her indirect questions about stories she had read, she’d fall out on the floor screaming. Okay, I […]

The sweet smell of success

Success! One of my high school clients with a moderate to severe language-based learning disability that looks similar to dyslexia, scored in the average range on a formal assessment for writing at the sentence level. This is so exciting! Last year formulating sentences with prepositions, adjectives and conjunctions was a huge challenge for this client. […]

Case Study: Part II Reading and Technology

It has taken years of work two times a week to bring Renee’s reading rate up to a functional rate that can support her high school academics. However, Renee’s reading rate is still not grade level and because she easily fatigues when reading, remediation can not be the sole solution. She does not always read […]

Case study: Reading

One of my favorite clients, I will call her Renee in order to retain confidentiality, came to me in 8th grade reading at the kindergarten level. She had years of intervention in school. The school curriculum was project based and the reading program was based on the whole language philosophy. What is “whole language?” It […]

Life when you can’t read

I stumbled across this video from a show called “My So Called Life,” were the main character discovers that a boy she likes can not read well. Jordan, the character, doesn’t appear to be receiving any intervention. He’s ashamed, and other students think he is stupid.Self blame, self doubt, poor self esteem will follow him […]

Good reading skills are needed for postsecondary education

“Millions of adolescents lack the reading skills needed to succeed in postsecondary education and the workplace — and students with learning disabilities tend to struggle the most”(; 8/16/10). How do you know if your child has the reading skills they need to succeed at the college level? Poor reading skills can be distinguished by […]