Often I look at sites that have to do with language disabilities, so I decided to share some of my resources. A site I visit often is the Asperger’s Association of New England. It’s helpful because not only does it offer definitions and information about Asperger Syndrome, but posted on the site is a wealth of resources. Asperger’s Association of New England offers groups, but the site also list non AANE groups and resources. In June they are offering a workshop for parents of children with Asperger’s called, “Understanding Asperger Syndrome: Interventions and Strategies for Parents.” What a great course to take if you are dealing with the effects of Asperger Syndrome. Go check it out at

But don’t forget to check me out if you need language remediation or academic support. Also it’s important to remember that even if your school is saying that your child does not need individual services, but you feel they need additional support a Speech Pathologist can help improve social language, writing, self advocacy, executive functions, and reading comprehension.