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Language is Everywhere

We have all had exhausting days as parents when all we want to do is get home, but at the same time when opportunity knocks its important to seize the moment to teach our children.

Autism many parts different whole

One theory regarding autism is that many of the symptoms are the result of problems in the brain integrating language and the senses.

Foundation of Language: Non-verbal Communication

Two toddlers share a ball. An infant looks into his mother’s eyes and smiles, and his mother smiles back.  A baby screams because he is hungry or wet, and his father consistently responds to his cries by giving him his bottle or changing his diaper causing the baby to associate his cries with getting his needs met. […]

Why is my child with ASD still having difficulty with writing?

Recently I received an email about someone on the autism spectrum who had writing difficulties, even after receiving tutoring from Sylvan Learning Center and their schools learning disability center. Part of the reason Sylvan might not work for clients on the autism spectrum is because traditional writing interventions do not address the communication issues inherent […]