To change or not to change…

I love foreign accents.  The lyrical sounds of different languages are beautiful to hear, but there are times when heavy accents interfere with effective communication. I once took a class and I could not understand the professor. It was hard, and it was difficult for every person in that room.  In high pressured business or academic situations,  being confident that your message is accurately conveyed is critical.    If people are straining to understand you, then your message is not being effectively communicated.  You run the risk of having people misunderstand or even dismiss your ideas.   So, maybe
accent reduction can help you enhance your communication skills.

Here are some suggestion to begin your own accent modification program:

  • A technique used in all articulation therapies and accent reduction given by speech language pathologist– clearly enunciate the final consonants
  • Tape a newscast (newscasters speak Standard American English) find a few phrases or sentences to repeat and try to say the words the same way the person on the newscast speaks – tape yourself and listen ( pay attention to phrasing, tone, and stress)
  • Breathe – do not forget to breathe when speaking
  • If you speak quickly- slow down

Do you want to change your speech permanently? Or for difficult situations? Well practice, practice practice because real change takes time.

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