A few resources for working with categorization at home

categories: food, fruits, color, ...
categories: food, fruits, color, …

Categories:  furniture, things,  that are green ( red, yellow), electronics, shapes colors, places people live, States, things in a classroom, transportation, things in space, nature, wild animals, living things, non-living things

Dont’ forget to teach and help kids learned to think about sub-categories to improve mental flexibility. Examples of categories and sub-categories:  furniture,    sub-categories: household furniture, office furniture

Here are  games that feature categories

  • Board or formal games  Scattergories, Tapple, Apple to Apples,
  • Car games  “I’m going on a picnic” ( name things you can take on a picnic)  “I’m going to the zoo” ( naming animals and memory)
  • Online game   http://www.quia.com/cb/6309.html

Stuck?  Can’t get your child to name more than 3 words in a category. Try helping your child name places he might see the items then help them picture the place where the item is found. For example, category is “food”  you see food in a grocery store. Have him or her describe that place, visualization and picture where the objects would be in their mind. You will have to probably help with creating this picture. ( Visuallization – many kids on the autism spectrum have difficulty with visualization)

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