An early reading adventure: Part I

My daughter and I read every night. When she was four, she loved to look at the pictures and tell me the story. Since I often teach reading and reading comprehension, I was surprised she was not a reading by three. I mean she was not that interested at two, so I waited another whole year. Well three came and went and four, I but my foot down at five. I could wait no longer. We had been playing word games and made sound cards, which she practiced, while jumping on a trampoline. Finally, the sound cards became a rhythm game we play to this day. I love to read, so part of my zealousness is I cannot believe she is not excited and anxious to learn to read. She was happy to let Mommy read. Um, it rather reminded me of toilet training. She did that on her own schedule too regardless of my bribes.

Published by Kai Long

Kai currently lives in MA and is interested in collaborating with others to develop a deeper understanding of our speech and language needs.