What did I learn teaching my daughter to read? Part II

What was my biggest discover teaching my daughter to read. I already knew a lot, but it is different to teach reading to your own child. From day one the reading process slowly begins. Daily reading, word play, and rhyming games are all included in a rich language environment and provide the foundation for reading. Beginner readers have many pieces to learn. some will read letters backward which is normal. New readers have to gain confidence in there ability to read. they must learn to track the words across a page. Visualization, the process of making the text become real starts before a child is able to read and is necessary for good comprehension. Children learn to read at different rates and only when they are ready. Reading regularly to your child early is extremely important, and the more parents read to their children the better they do. Reading is fun.

Published by Kai Long

Kai currently lives in MA and is interested in collaborating with others to develop a deeper understanding of our speech and language needs.