What’s stress got to do with it?

I just came from a talk given by Jerome Schultz, PhD, “NOWHERE TO HIDE: Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It” where he talked about stress in children. Did you know that symptoms of stress can often look like more seriuos disorders? Symptoms of stress include fearfulness, distrust, sensitivity which can also be seen in anxiety disorders, ADHD, and even bipolar disorder to name a few. So why do you care? The treatment for stress is to alleviate the stressor by either taking the child out of the situation or by teaching them to deal with the situation. The treatment of choice for bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and attention deficit disorder is medication. when it comes to my work with children. My approach is both natural and holistic. I believe in dealing with extraneous factors. First, and using medication as a last resort. So this information regarding stress is important because it is another factor to take into consideration when you’re seeing my behaviors that are not adaptive to the situation.

Published by Kai Long

Kai currently lives in MA and is interested in collaborating with others to develop a deeper understanding of our speech and language needs.