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Language: The Foundation for Academic Part 1

Language: The Foundation for Academic  Part 1

The foundation of language chart above provides a simplified view of language development to show how early language development supports future academic achievement. Because we so often take language for granted and schools often downplay the impact of speech and language challenges after the third grade, it is  easy not to realize, that even small speech […]

7000 students drop out everyday!!

7000 Students drop out of high school every day in New England!! Is that possibly true?  I recently took a trip to NYC and on the ride back I passed a billboard with that statistic.

Following directions: Where do I go?

I recently completed jury duty, and it was interesting watching people follow directions, or maybe I should say not follow directions. Jury duty begins when you arrive at the court house and are assigned a number.  At 8:30am a court officer greets the awaiting jurors and shows a video. On my day of service after […]