An inclusive speech & language pathology practice supporting the communication needs of all school aged children and professional adults of all races, religions, sexual and gender preferences.

Speech language therapy
Long on Language

Long on Language embraces all individuals, family structures, and cultures understanding that differences are an integral part of our identities. We know communication skills are a part of all aspects of our lives, from our educational achievements to career choices to our daily social interactions. We believe that strong communication skills are the foundation of a fulfilling, connected life.

Long on Language is a speech & language pathology practice that helps school-aged children and professional adults overcome communication challenges to become confident communicators in school, at work and in social situations.

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Services Offered

Specialty areas

  •  Online academic, executive function and life skills support for college students
  • Expressive/receptive language remediation, social language and executive function training and coaching for college-bound young adults with high functioning autism, twice gifted, and those with ADHD

Other areas served

  • Remediation in the following areas
    • Verbal expression targeting narrative and/or vocabulary development
    • Reading comprehension
    • Written expression focusing on content development
    • Articulation
    • Stuttering
    • Voice
    • Accent reduction for professionals
    • social language skills coaching for those with high functioning autism, ADHD and social skills deficits
College students communicating
In college speech, language and social skills are critical for success

Client Reviews

I highly recommend Kai as a speech and language therapist. Kai has worked with my elementary school child since September 2019. She was very highly recommended by our special education advocate for her experience working with autistic children. For my child, Kai’s strength has been her work on social communication and language usage. For example, Kai is teaching my child how to make longer complex sentences, how to sequence and organize his thoughts, and how to make age-appropriate descriptions. Kai has successfully worked with my child’s on speech production difficulties too – my child has learned how to pronounce certain forms of  “l”, “r” and “th” that he could not do before. 

Kai also discusses with my child why learning these different parts of speech and language are essential. She listens to my child and fosters a back and forth dialogue.  At the beginning of the pandemic, Kai seamlessly pivoted to virtual learning over Zoom.  Kai is always well prepared for her sessions and is very good at communicating with parents.  Kai is teaching my child to be a better communicator and to be better understood by his peers and his teachers.    Misha R. Cambridge

Kai has been working with two of my kids for a couple of years now. One of them has trouble with certain producing sounds, finding the right words at the right time, and keeping all those words in order. She’s a complicated kid! Her improvement over her time with Kai has been remarkable. We’ve noticed it at home, teachers have noticed it at school, and her updated neuropsych evaluation confirmed it. Even better, my kid *likes* working with Kai. Going to speech every week isn’t a chore or a tantrum trigger… it’s something she’s cool with.

My other kiddo came in with a different profile entirely and some pretty wonky speech sounds. The clarity of his speech has improved markedly in the time he’s been working with Kai, and she works with him just as successfully.

Having a provider that is fun, effective, organized, and flexible is an incredible thing. I feel so lucky to have found Kai to know that we’ve got the best support for our kids.”    Adria K, Cambridge 

I cannot recommend Kai Long more highly. Ms. Long worked with my high school son for 4 years. My son is a very bright boy with serious language-based learning disabilities (dyslexia, executive functioning issues etc.) Ms. Long worked with him on reading, writing, social language, and other skills. Her work with him has been superb-far more structured and effective than anyone who has worked with him in the past (either at school or privately)”  Jaime S, Cambridge

It was a pleasure to observe Ms. Long working with my daughter…I have been very pleased with her punctuality, professionalism and her knowledge and dedication to the task.”  Constance. M, Milton

parent and child
Poor language skills can interfere with these moments

Kai has been patient and caring and devoted to my child’s learning and improvement. My entire extended family lives out-of-state and when they see my child they are genuinely delighted at her growth.”   Debra O, Wayland

Ms. Kai has been extremely helpful with our children. She is one of the few providers who is knowledgeable about adoption and attachment and understands our children’s need for firm, but supportive boundaries and limits. She is genuinely respectful of families of all types, very willing to adapt to our personal and cultural preferences, and works cooperatively with parents to meet our children’s needs. She is supportive of homeschooling.

She has high expectations of children of color and is understanding and supportive of their unique challenges as both people with disabilities and people of color. Her sessions are fun and centered around the individual’s interests and strengths, while also incorporating high standards ad a lot of hard work. Ms. Kai has a particular gift for understanding people with subtle challenges, easily identifying and addressing the issues that get in the way of functional communication and understanding, while at the same time respecting neuro-diversity and letting people be their unique selves.”  Erika S, Boston