Long on Language is an inclusive Cambridge-based speech/language therapy private practice devoted to supporting the communication needs of the whole person.

Long on Language embraces all individuals, family structures, and cultures from around the world and understands that differences are an integral part of our identities. We know that speech and language skills are part of all aspects of our lives, from our educational achievements to career choices to our daily social interactions. We believe that communication is the foundation of a fulfilling, connected life.

 Long on Language does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, or any other non-medically relevant factor. We are dedicated to providing services to clients in a welcoming manner that respects, protects, and promotes individual rights.  


I cannot recommend Kai Long more highly. Ms. Long worked with my high school son for 4 years. My son is a very bright boy with serious language-based learning disabilities (dyslexia, executive functioning issues etc.) Ms. Long worked with him on reading, writing, social language, and other skills. Her work with him has been superb-far more structured and effective than anyone who has worked with him in the past (either at school or privately)”

— Jaime S, Cambridge

It was a pleasure to observe Ms. Long working with my daughter…I have been very pleased with her punctuality, professionalism and her knowledge and dedication to the task.”

— C. M, Milton

Kai has been patient and caring and devoted to my child’s learning and improvement. My entire extended family lives out-of-state and when they see my child they are genuinely delighted at her growth.”

— Debra O, Wayland

Ms. Kai has been extremely helpful with our children. She is one of the few providers who is knowledgeable about adoption and attachment and understands our children’s need for firm, but supportive boundaries and limits. She is genuinely respectful of families of all types, very willing to adapt to our personal and cultural preferences, and works cooperatively with parents to meet our children’s needs. She is supportive of homeschooling. She has high expectations of children of color and is understanding and supportive of their unique challenges as both people with disabilities and people of color. Her sessions are fun and centered around the individual’s interests and strengths, while also incorporating high standards ad a lot of hard work. Ms. Kai has a particular gift for understanding people with subtle challenges, easily identifying and addressing the issues that get in the way of functional communication and understanding, while at the same time respecting neuro-diversity and letting people be their unique selves.”

— Erika S, Boston