Before I became a speech-language pathologist, I grew up in a family with a parent with an undiagnosed communication disorder. I have seen over time how communication disorders impact a person for a lifetime. In addition, untreated communication disorders lead to poor self-esteem, fear of learning, dysfunctional use of strategies to name only a few of the residual effects.

Many think that a communication disorder only affects academics, but that is not true. The inability to convey your thoughts and ideas verbally can lead to loneliness and isolation. Limited reading skills lead to being uninformed. Deficits in writing limit access to academic and work opportunities. Communication is in everything we do. It is the foundation of our interactions with each other, so when it’s an area of weakness or a disorder, it can wreak havoc.

As a Speech-Language Pathologists, I help children and adults identify, improve, and manage speech and language challenges. Services range from remediating verbal, written and reading weaknesses in school-aged children and teens to coaching professionals with speech and language deficits. Speech-language therapy, to me, is helping each person improve their skills, find their own communication style, learn to self advocate and to use strategies effectively for life.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Kai Long, MS SLP CCC

Twenty years of experience has taught me to use a holistic approach that identifies the problem through assessments, taps into special interests, fosters a “growth mindset,” and uses scientifically based interventions.

As a Boston University educated, licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist I continue to train to address the needs of my clients. I have participated in private study groups with other professionals, supervised students, engaged in peer mentoring, taken a range of courses, and worked as a LifeMap Coach for the Asperger’s Association of New England.

Other interests include: Camping, listening to classical music, biking, reading, traveling the world, and painting.

Local Affiliations

Community Conversations: Sister 2 Sister: Steering Committee Member – A women’s health initiative, aimed at addressing barriers to improved health outcomes in the Black community

Wellness Collaborative – Core Member -The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. is an interdisciplinary collective working towards improved health and wellness in our local communities.