As a Speech-Language Pathologists, I help people identify and manage their speech and language challenges, from supporting elementary age children learning to comprehend multi-step directions to coaching professionals to convey complex ideas to co-workers at a meeting. Effective communication enables and enhances daily living. I help children and adults understand and use their communication strengths to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Kai Long

Clients served range from college bound elementary-age children to professional adults with diagnosed or undiagnosed mild-to-moderate speech and/or language challenges. Services provided for the following diagnoses: Stuttering, Dyslexia, High functioning autism, ADHD, and other language-based learning disorders.

Twenty years of experience has taught me to use a holistic approach that identifies the problem through assessments, taps into special interests, fosters a “growth mindset,” and uses scientifically based interventions.

As a Boston University educated, licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist I continue to train to address the needs of my clients. I have participated in private study groups with other professionals, supervised students, engaged in peer mentoring, taken a range of courses, and worked as a LifeMap Coach for the Asperger’s Association of New England.

Other interests include: Camping, listening to classical music, biking, reading, traveling the world, and painting.

Local Affiliations

Community Conversations: Sister 2 Sister: Steering Committee Member – A women’s health initiative, aimed at addressing barriers to improved health outcomes in the Black community

Wellness Collaborative – Core Member -The Wellness Collaborative, Inc. is an interdisciplinary collective working towards improved health and wellness in our local communities.