Asperger Syndrome and reading comprehension

In class Tim, a ninth grader was seen as an excellent student ( not his real name), and he received A’s in English. However, when asked about a book he recently read Tim could not summarize the story and could only answer fact-based questions. Comprehension is always a concern for those on the autism spectrum, but so often because of their large vocabularies and high reading fluency rates they are mistaken to have superior comprehension skills.

People with Asperger’s Syndrome often easily break the code of reading to achieve superior decoding skills.  however, for those with asperger syndrome understanding the nuisances of those words when context is not given it’s due,  characters’ perspective are ignored,  and inferences are missed decrease comprehension of the whole. Meaning that  non-fiction will be easier to read than fiction, but that both will be impacted. Early intervention to prevent this type of reading problem is always more effective but addressing the problem later also can make a difference.

Early intervention to prevent this type of reading problem is always the most effective, and the earlier the better, but addressing the problem even in high school is not to late to make a difference. Especially since high school is a time when many of the higher order cognitive process are actively developing


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Published by Kai Long

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