A child is saying “goodbye” to mommy in the morning.  A student  is listening to his professor’s lecture at college. A business professional, for who English is a second language,  is conveying his innovative ideas to his collegues  at a meeting. Using our mouths to speak and our ears to listen is an essential part of daily life.   We depend on language to communicate, but so often speech, language, and comprehension skills are taken for granted.  Appropriately targeted intervention alleviates the problems caused by lagging skills or differences and leads to greater success and confidence.

 Kai Long, MS SLP CCC is a speech pathology private practice that provides evaluations, remediation,  consultation, and support to individuals with language, speech, or hearing differences that interfere with work, school, or home.  Diagnoses such as  language-based learning disorders, dyslexia, verbal apraxia, articulation, ADHD, Asperger syndrome are only a few of the disorders we serve, as well as, working with business professionals to reduce accents and improve public speaking.   In addition to providing individualized remediation, in a comfortable home-like setting, work involves helping each client develop a greater sense of self-awareness, self-advocacy, and pride in their abilities.