Kai Long, Speech Pathologist

Kai Long, Speech Pathologist

Communication is part of everything we do, from waving “goodbye” to giving a presentation at work.  Yet, we so often take our speech, language, and executive functioning for granted. Lagging skills in  speech, language, or executive function can result in a myriad of behaviors, from low self-esteem which  impacts career choices to long lasting tantrums that affect family life. I know first hand how difficult it  can be when a beloved family member goes untreated. These challenges can impact relationships, career  choices and self esteem.

 Kai Long, MS SLP CCC a speech pathology private practice provides evaluations, remediation,  consultation, and support to individuals with language and speech weaknesses. I work with each client  to develop self awareness and self advocacy, in addition to providing individualized remediation. Special training/experience with adolescents, teens, and young adults with Asperger’s syndrome, clients for whom English is a second language, including providing accent reductions for professionals and  stutterers.

With 15+ years of experience, in addition to years of specialized training working with college-bound individuals school age through adulthood, Long on Language private practice is uniquely qualified to provide a complete range of speech and language services.

Accepted payments include cash and credit card.  Payment can be made with easy monthly billing plans.  Services qualify for FSA/HSA spending accounts.  Some PPO health insurances, such as BCBS, will reimburse for qualifying services.

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