A Speech/Language Pathology Private Practice
Changing peoples lives by facilitating good communication skills

Kai Long in her office

 A Speech/Language Pathology Practice, Long On Language, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts helps people change their lives by teaching them to improve and manage their communication challenges at school, work, and home.

Long On Language uses a holistic strength-based approach that assesses and targets speech and language strengths and weaknesses. Interventions are created to foster greater self-awareness which supports increased self-esteem.


“I cannot recommend Kai Long more highly. Ms. Long worked with my high school son for 4 years. My son is a very bright boy with serious language-based learning disabilities (dyslexia, executive functioning issues etc.)Ms. Long worked with him on reading, writing, social language, and other skills. Her work with him has been superb-far more structured and effective than anyone who has worked with him in the past (either at school or privately)”–J. Sabino, Cambridge

“It was a pleasure to observe Ms. Long working with my daughter…I have been very pleased with her punctuality, professionalism and her knowledge and dedication to the task.” –C. Monahan, Milton

“Kai has been patient and caring and devoted to my child’s learning and improvement. My entire extended family lives out of state and when they see my child they are genuinely delighted at her growth.” — D. Orbek, Wayland