Adult Speech-Language Therapy Services

Communication weaknesses impact work achievement

Many people don’t recognize the impact poor communication skills have on life choices.

However, when faced with communication challenges, adults may feel despair about their ability to learn, find that their career choices are limited, limit their speech output to avoid embarrassment, have a negative interaction with authority figures, or even withdraw from social interactions. These are some of the devastating consequences of poor communication skills.

Comments made by clients seeking services:

These are a few of the examples of reasons clients sought speech and language services.  From giving a presentation at a business meeting to communicating with co-workers at work, improving speech and language challenges enables adults to achieve their goals.

“I don’t understand why I haven’t gotten a promotion at work,” wonders someone seeking accent modification services.

“When I present my dissertation, I don’t want to worry about my speech,” states another.

“I have dyslexia,” says another, “I want to pass my certifying exam.”

“I’m trying to decide, if I should go into emergency medicine or something less demanding because I have trouble with stuttering,” says another.

“I don’t get along with my boss, and I have been told if I don’t improve my ability to get along with co-workers I will be let go.”

What are services like?

Adult speech and language services are goal oriented and time limited. They can last as few as 2 sessions or up to a year depending on needs, goals, and personal motivation.The initial session involves a formal and/or informal assessment and is used along with client goals to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Each session thereafter includes a discussion of thoughts and attitudes toward speech and language challenges, practice of targeted behaviors, and regular homework to generalize the new behavior. Similar to building strength and fitness, changing communication behaviors requires regular practice and a commitment to change.

Speech and Language services for adults at Long on Language include:

  • Social skills training and coaching focused on the workplace and personal social situations
  •  Stuttering remediation
  • Articulation
  • Verbal expression
  • Accent reduction


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