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Mindblindness vs Context blindness

Replacing the generic term of “mindblindness,” often used to refer to people on the autism spectrum, with a more specific term such as “context blindness” has been proposed by Peter Vermeulen, PhD.   Simon Baron-Cohen created the term “mindblindness,” to refer to the deficit  people on the autism spectrum have in reading others mental states. This term […]

7000 students drop out everyday!!

7000 Students drop out of high school every day in New England!! Is that possibly true?  I recently took a trip to NYC and on the ride back I passed a billboard with that statistic.

I Am Not My Disability

When I see children or adults in my practice what I enjoy the most is building the therapeutic relationship with them. After testing gives me a general idea of their needs, I spend weeks and even months getting to know who they are as a person. It’s part of the therapeutic process, but the best […]